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Grooming is an important part of daily care for your dog.
Daily dog grooming can help if they are always scratching, gets ear infections easily, or always seems to have runny eyes.

Grooming isn’t just about brushing or trimming your dog’s hair. It’s about
caring for their skin to avoid allergies and hot spots keeping his nails

at the proper length to avoid paw problems.
keeping his ears clean to prevent infection, and
inspecting and cleaning the "goop" around his eyes, to prevent infection and injury.

Another benefit of daily dog grooming is the attention your dog receives.

As a pack animal, he needs interactions and attention. Brushing and checking him require some serious one-on-one time, just the thing he’s looking for.

Even if it’s just 15 minutes a day, that time can help prevent behavioral problems.

See Spend Time With Your Dog for more on the importance of "investing" attention to your dog.

If you’re short on time, combine your daily dog grooming with the daily examination of your dog you do to check for developing health issues.

If your dog is older, they will benefit from your grooming in another way. Older dogs often have sore or aching joints and muscles. While you’re brushing, give a light massage to his neck, back and legs. Their circulation will improve, and the warmth of the massage will soothe his pains. Your Dogs Coat

There are many allergic reaction and infections that can occur on your dog’s skin, hidden under their fur.

Regular grooming can help reduce the risk of these, and improve his skin and hair condition in the process.

Your Dogs Nails

The nails are susceptible to problems as well, including infections and snags. Keep the nails trimmed and inspect them regularly.

Your Dogs Ears

Ear infections are common in dogs, especially ones with long, floppy ears. Regular inspection, and cleaning when they need it, will help keep your dog free from infection.

Your Dogs Eyes

Tear stains on your dog’s white or light-colored coat may indicate eye problems. A regular inspection will let you know if there are problems. Wipes will help you keep the tear-eyed look away.

Dog grooming can help your dog avoid infections and other problems. Give him 15 – 30 minutes of your time every day to help them stay well.

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