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Dog obedience training to keep your dog safe at home, and your property.

Away from home, they need dog obedience training so that you can maintain control of any unusual or provocative situations. A dog who obeys is one who’ll be safe wherever they go.

Obedience training comes in many forms.

You can train your dog on your own, or use a professional obedience trainer. You can also use books, videos or online resources if you prefer to train her on your own.

The choice is yours. To help you pick the training method that’s right for you and your dog, review the information on the following pages.

Teaching the “Wait” Dog Command to your Dog
Waiting can be a difficult thing. For anyone, especially your pet dog, learning to wait is an important skill, and one that will not come without adequate understanding and training.

The “Wait” dog command is very useful, especially if you’d like for your dog to be reliable even when they are not on their leash. Look at this dog command as a safety command, to keep your pet safe from potential dangers.

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With Dog Containment Systems

You Have Many Options In-ground or electric dog Fences are a great way to safely contain your dog and give them the freedom to play. Dog Fences are quite easy to install and if you’re not hot on the idea of burying wire, you’ll be happy to know that burying the wire isn’t mandatory.

Proof Training
Before learning about the types of dog training, please read this article on proof training for the importance of making your dog’s obedience training real-world relevant. Whether you attend a class, have private training, or train your dog yourself using a book or video, a trainer is involved.
Learn how to pick the trainer and the training style that best suits you and your dog.

Choosing a Trainer

Invest some of your precious time and money on dog obedience training.
Your return on investment?

Years of love, devotion and obedience from that friend down by your side.

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Benefits of Dog Obedience Training
There are many types of training however by and large the most popular and most effective type of training embraces positive reinforcement training techniques. This means you’re not only helping your dog to learn new behaviors, you’re providing structure, a social structure for your home, and you’re creating a bond with your dog.
Basic Dog Training is easy when you do it right. Learn basic Dog Training with this free mini course.

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