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Dog anxiety, whether it’s “separation anxiety” or general “skittishness”, will likely put your dog in a dangerous situation sooner or later. Lightning, fireworks or large crowds may cause him to bolt into traffic.
If they suffer from separation anxiety when you’re away, their behavior may cause physical problems from ingested buttons torn from clothes, swallowed shoelaces or perhaps even jagged pieces of a chewed CD.
And you’ll find it hard to like them when you come home and find the house torn apart.

Help is available. I don’t recommend medicating your dog. There are more benign ways of calming dog anxiety, and they don’t come with unintended side effects.
You’ll find any dog anxiety treatment (conventional or alternative) far more effective if you combine it with some behavior modification.
If you know why your dog is acting out, the how of dealing with it becomes far easier.

Learn how dogs think in the information below.

Then review your treatment options. How Dogs Think
Dogs aren’t unthinking animals. Yes, they do think. They just don’t think the same way we do.

This article, by William Campbell, will give you some insight into how your dog sees their world, followed by some tips on what to do about separation anxiety-related behavior problems.

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Solving Your Dog’s Car sickness Problem
Keeping your Dog calm in the car is important and knowing how to prevent car sickness can help. Please read this page about solving your dogs car sickness problem.

Homepathy For Your Dog
Homeopathy is a recognized form of treatment for diseases and conditions in humans. Homeopathy for dogs uses the same remedies and treatment methods to help treat your dog’s illness.

Homeopathic Remedies

Homeopathic remedies are based on the theory of “like treats like.” Learn more about homeopathic remedies that will help you treat dog anxiety symptoms. These remedies are very useful when you and your dog are away from home, especially in noisy situations.
Natural Dog Health Remedies

Homeopathy for dogs is an alternative set of natural remedies that can be used safely and effectively to treat common dog illnesses.
Not sure what exactly homeopathy is?

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Your Dogs Health Overcoming Boredom
There are many ways in which you can prepare for, and participate in, you dogs overall health. Providing the necessary shots, diet and exercise are but a few of the ways in which we may meet their daily health demands.

Aromatherapy For Your Dog
Aromatherapy focuses on the sense of smell, and its direct connection to the part of the brain involved with emotions.

Using specific scents, aromatherapy can evoke calm in your dog.

Learn more about aromatherapy for dogs and how it will help you deal with your anxious dog.

Article About Aromatherapy For Dogs

This article is a great primer about aromatherapy for dogs. Written by Kristen Bell, a certified master aromatherapist, it will quickly explain why and how, works to calm your dog.

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Dog Appeasing Pheromones
Dog appeasing pheromones (also known as DAP) are a new way to calm your dog. Based on the sense of smell, dog pheromones are used instead of aromatherapy essences to calm your dog.
Whether you combine behavior training with relief from a homeopathic remedy, aromatherapy or DAP, I recommend you add in some calming music produced especially for pets.

This relaxing music will help calm your dog’s anxiety. It will also hide outside noises that might trigger barking or destructive behaviors during your absence.

Visit Chazhound Dog Directory (opens new window) for some more great information about dogs, and a forum community.

Also read a dog first aid book and the information here in Dog First Aid so that you’ll know what to do if you ever have to treat her. It’s very hard to concentrate, and even harder to learn, when you’re panicked. Prepare now so you don’t panic later.

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