For The Love Of All Our Pets

Building Weekend At Rotty Ranch

With Rottwieler Lea

Well, it is a glorious summers Saturday morning here in the UK. Making a fresh brew and deciding what to do today.

  1. Do I work on the laptops as normal???
  2. Should I spend the day in the garden, with Lea and Crew doing some real work and build something???

Okay so a building project, that has been on my mind for a while has gained the winning bid. I am going to spend the day with Lea in the garden and build a large trellis for some climbing plants. During which time, Lea will have free run of the house, garden and driveway. Something she does not always get with my work load.

So its off out in to the garden and as soon as I open the gate into the grassed area, Lea shoots straight over to the Doggie Gate to see if there is any sign of Lilly or Polly from next door. She does love playing with them, when they are out. 🙂

The day started off just great, Lea was helping me get all the tools out ready, that was until she saw the ladders come out that is. Once the main ladders sets came out she lost all interest and decided she wanted to go and either play or lay in the sun on the grass. So as you would expect I left her to do what ever she wanted to do. She seemed happy enough, pottering around in and out of the drive keeping an eye on me as I was up and down the ladder fitting all the bamboo.

In basic I am building a large scale trellis to help hide the building next door, which is a power station. While we have finally managed to get climbers to hide the galvanized fence, it is now time to hide the building from our view as much as we can without causing damage to the power station, or blocking out the light from a neighbours cottage.

So the day continued as expected, Lea up and down the drive way, watching the world go by and greeting people as they passed. Popping her head up once in a while to check I was either okay, or just doing the job properly. Lea is a great supervisor after all.

And then all of a sudden, I hear her sprint up the driveway, well there is only one reason she would sprint, Elaine, (Polly and Lilly’s Humummy) must be home. This means there is a chance she might get to play with her friends. Next thing I know, Elaines head pops over the gate to say “Hi” to Lea, as always Lea is loving seeing Elaine, tail wagging, all excited stood on hind feet to reach up high on the gate so that Elaine can fuss/stroke her.

Quickly chatting to Elaine whilst I am up the ladder, I know Lea is going to be a little disappointed as Elaine has only popped home to let her Lilly and Polly out whilst she is on lunch. So I come down the ladder a few minutes later, only to find Lilly is laid on her back with her head through the gate, looking to get attention from Lea, Polly is stood on hind feet as always reaching up to the top of the gate for human attention and fussing. And there is Lea back and forth from them both trying to get attention and kisses from them both through the human gate. After several minutes of this, Elaine takes her two off for their lunch time walk and Lea shoots down the garden to look over the fence and watch them playing on the common at the back.

So Lea stands there for a good ten or twenty minutes before she gets bored and realizes she is on her own this afternoon. She then potters up to the gate on the drive so that she can sit in the cool area. During which time, I have returned back up the ladder to fit more bamboo canes for the trellis. Several hours go by, Lea has occasionally moved to stretch, drink or eat and perhaps once in a while bark at somebody passing, just to let them know she is listening. 🙂

By this time, I have lost all track of time and guess Lea has been enjoying the sunshine and is fast sleep in the drive way, but then suddenly she is up to her feet like a shot and sprinting down to the garden. Keeping in mind, I am 30ft in the air on a ladder and not able to see what is happening, when suddenly three dogs come shooting up the driveway, chasing, play fighting and looking for toys between themselves.

How The Heck Did You Two Get In

I say as I obviously notice Polly and Lilly have managed to open the Doggie gate on their own.

I guess your Humummy Elaine must be home then ah, Lilly and Polly

So I come down the ladder, knowing that Lilly will not be happy, unless we play a little fetch, whereas Lea and Polly are more than happy just chasing each other around the garden. Lilly just loves to fetch any toys you throw for her. She will completely ignore the other two as they play at winding each other up and running in circles around the garden. They are a comical pair and think Lilly just seems odd because all she wants to do is fetch the ball/toys.

With this Lea disappeared, gone, nowhere to be seen. I call her, send Lilly and Polly to look for her. Both of whom totally ignore me and go for a wander of their own, exploring my house, kitchen, up and down the stairs and then into the cellar office. Pair of little tykes. So its been a few minutes and Lea is nowhere to be seen still, when suddenly she appears through the Doggie gate licking her lips. “LEA” your going to ruin your tea, you been at Lilly and Pollies dinner again, you little scamp. Opps then Elaine appears with a chuckle, she mentions Lea went in on the grand “Food Hunt”. Honestly you would think I never fed Lea at times, always looking for her next meal. 🙂

Within no time at all, it was starting to get dark and all the dogs were still playing and messing around in the garden. Even Lilly was still chasing the Kong every time I threw or kicked it, they just cant be worn out these guys. Think they have explored just about every corner of the garden, drive and even the house. But then thats nothing new as they always do explore and play.

So Lilly and Polly are off home back through the Doggie gate to get their dinner now and it’s time for Lea to come in for her dinner and a rest. Lea’s food was prepared a while back so should have cooled down for her by this time. Leaving her to eat dinner as I quickly pack the tools away, put the ladders indoors and have a general clear up. I’m am actually no where near finished yet after being distracted by the dogs. Clearing up takes me a little longer than expected and its almost dark.

So I finally get back inside and start to think about so relaxing time for myself, when I spot, would you believe it, the one that has been taking it easy all day. Lea is seriously fast asleep on her bed, with all four feet in the air and is completely out cold. Even the sound of her walking lead does not get a reaction. She is simply out for the count. At which point, it goes without saying I take another picture of her again, okay perhaps a little unlady like, but that’s our Lea, seriously not a lady in this house. 🙂

Now at this point, its is time for us to say, “good night and sweet dreams” . We will be back with more tales over the coming days I am sure. 🙂

Building Weekend At Rotty Ranch With Rottwieler Lea

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